Old Gods

by Rahab the Monster

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released April 17, 2013



all rights reserved


Rahab the Monster Houston, Texas

Old Gods is a concept album. The concept is a story. We told it. Listen to it. FOR FREEEE!!!!

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Track Name: The Locust
The beast has come

“The kingdom suffers violence
So let the violent take it by force”
If the advantage is the whole world
Would I in exchange for my soul?

I did this for each of us
The water cries out a hallelujah
The distance is growing
But it’s not out of reach

I begged you for peace
And you offered the sword
I’ll bear the scar
I’ll return to the dirt
And I’ll see you in the morning

It feeds my own ends
If it would only rain
And clean my scabs
Cause I’ve been loyal and I’ve been lonely
It’s somewhat chemical
And awful filthy
There will be no comfort
For the kings
The kings of crimson
Only an end without an end
Without an end

The locust devours the last of this old harvest and we are made new
Track Name: The Mother
The beast is gone, the man returns home, his wife has died in child birth, and together the father and his daughter rebuild their lives. A pale man learns mourns the death of his secret love.

This is loss
These fields lay empty
Without a word we speak defeat

We try and will the seed to grow
This is disease
The mother stands defiant
“It’s time to wash off the mark
The beast has left on me”

You’ve birthed a legacy you’ve abandoned

Such pretty words
It felt so soon to write them
But there’s no hope
In the love of a ghost

“I am the dust of the earth
Why am I so alone?
My dreams are flawless
But I’ve built this all wrong”

The system has failed
All hail the system

The gate has been ripped from its post
And your family has lost their home
Where they never loved you to begin with
Track Name: The Mechanic
The pale man learns the daughter of the woman he loved is able to bring the dead back to life through singing. He devises a plan to kidnap her.

Each day he lives
He leaves his life to ransom
They put a price on his head
I just can’t resist

Everything he touches dies away
Everyone who knows him owns his soul

Each machine, crafted with wings
How they dance while you sing
And when the beast challenged your door
Your gods heard with silent ears

He never sleeps
He never breathes
You’ll rest easier knowing that he’s dead
“I’ve traded my soul for a new agenda”

The beasts at the horse’s feet
Ride down the weary
With fluttering wings
Can we find glory from this side?
If you hesitate
You’ll never know mercy

Run while you can

Cause I heard your child speaks of worlds of return
Nothing is out of reach
Everything is alive

If I could hear you again, I could sleep the night through
The wounded and lost, all alike in the same skin
But I know so many are set apart
What have I waited for?
Make me new, make me strong like you
And if there’s a father let him be praised
The vision is proclaimed
Let this build you up
Cause this has got to change
Are you brave again?

I can’t chase my ghosts
Even still I’m a haunted man

The hunt begins…
Track Name: Provider
The prophet warns the father.

“Promise me you’ll always be
A different kind of king”

Cause I can hear the organ and I see him in my sleep
As we prepare for the harvest, the pale man sings

This ivory, this mouth of God
A chorus I can’t write reminds me of my needs

I took the most I could and ran
But I will always sing
So pick your battles

There are oceans and there are deceivers
But there is one king and redeemer
I’ve come back again
I’ve finally grown from this season

I won’t keep my flesh held tight
Which brings death
Bury yourself in what brings life

“Promise me you’ll always be
A different kind of king”
I will not be swayed
Please death don’t waste your time on me

Descend and become the monument
Track Name: Deceitful Son
The father fears for his daughter.

I guess I’ve been repeating
The same mistakes
Over and over
With the worst intentions
But I’ve come home
And one way or another we’ll live like a family

Cause the surface is such a lonely place to live
Dwelling on the appearance that never brings you closer

She sings and wakes the dead
Harmonies lifting their flesh
It’s odd how their bones wither like twigs
It’s buried down deep, but never builds you up

The prophet encourages the father.

“You keep so much of yourselves
For yourselves
Be filled, be filled
Be still and content
There’s no time to know the insides of everything”

All will be ash before the tide
Wash and walk again
Cause baby it never leaves your blood
Baby I’m covered in blood

There is rest,
There is peace
There is hope for you
For the young man and his visions
The prophet and his dreams
My heart breaks for you
I will proclaim for you
Be free Be peace
Be like your king

The father is resolved

I found peace again
But she won’t be bothering me tonight
This is where I’ll always be
I built this bed
I’ve dug this grave
Every god I understood is every god I ever made

Are you brave again?
Track Name: Blackest Night
The father is attacked by the pale man’s wolves while the pale man lures the daughter away.

Let this be your word
You have forgotten the face of your father
Who watched the wolves hunt such a godless generation

Cause I don’t know their names but they got some crooked faces
And believe me it gets easier with time

The same machines beat in their chests
Singing before they cease to fly
“I’ll come for your daughter next”

Sew the wind and reap hurricanes
Not until you could just be something else completely

I see each shape as it’s moving
But I will never let anything happen to you
They kill the body but never the soul

And when prophet and preacher cease to speak
And the light sings forth from their teeth
All will be well
So don’t stop singing
If you’re not afraid

I know where I’ve been
And I know where I’ve gone wrong

Such delicate things dead at my feet
“How do the birds sing from behind the wolves’ teeth?”
“Their only purpose has now been served”
The pale man moaned
“They won’t be joining us this evening, my dear”
“Where’s my daddy? I shouldn’t be here”
Don’t be so quick to fall asleep
Pretty young thing, please don’t weep
All will be well…
Track Name: Anchor
The pale man takes the girl to her mother’s grave and forces her to sing the song he wrote.

My patience is wearing thin
I’m tired, I’m so tired
I’ve heard heaven
Imagined its song
So sing her forth
Bring her back
She climbs her way through the ground
But it’s not what I imagined
I am no god, I’ve healed nothing
I’ve put nothing to rest
Track Name: Prophet
The mother has come back, but it is not right. The dead begin to rise.

We were a good work
Waiting for the finish
Reveal the horns
Defy the trumpets

I can’t hear the lamb’s song anymore
And I’m worried I’ve become stagnant
Don’t waste your breath
These praises have been empty
For far too long

The dead begin to eat the living.

The phantoms leave the trees
Limb from limb they’ll pull you apart
I hear their teeth meet our bones
The taste is so overwhelming

Make it home to watch him bleed
Speak one thing
The season seems so quick to change
But I will not leave the sheep
I will come to you

The father sees his dead wife.

We are so young
But my bones are tired
From the serpents that speak defeat
From the ground beneath our feet

Prophet, I’ve seen your words
And the ghost I struggle to contain
Hiding behind their old inventions
But hope is here
Hope burns bright
You’ve got to believe
This will change
Track Name: Fractions
The father puts his wife to rest. The gates of hell are open.

The first one clipped his wings
But found the heart of a man
Let the other lie and fill his stomach
When up from the bottom came the authority
While the destroyer grew so proud

“This is the last of your kind
Cause with fire they all fell”

We’ve been picking away at our minds
Making our life decay
Without labor we are hopeless
Our faith is dead

When I wake up
There is only one place I can go
I’ll be hiding in your shadow

People gather to battle the dead.

Cannibals, drifters
I killed me a shape shifter
Cause I see oceans
And I’ve come back again
So be your king to every
One of these faces
And beware the water
Cause the moon isn’t well

Give me a reason to show you
Your faith is dead
Track Name: New Canaan
The beast has returned.

I am the outlaw
I have been set free
I’ve sunken this city
I’ve made my peace

Cause you were the first to fight
And the first to call
And when you offered your hand
I saw them all
A thousand faces
Burdens and all
They fell through the cracks
But you battled on and on

The prophet speaks
Of the one who became king

You were my shield
And a holy vision
With each swing you pushed the black
Further and further away

This is for the lamb
And the song he sings

Captain, my captain
I will see God

The daughter uses the lamb’s song and the beast is destroyed.

I saw you tall and proud
A crown of glory leading the hosts
A company defying the worm who
I give my life to burn
Let grace be with you all
Be bold and be strong
Let it be clear
Let it be a holy name we sing
Track Name: Albion
The pale man is left with nothing.

My ambition went
Right through my fingers

I have nothing to show for this
The years I’ve wasted

God gives us purpose
Until love interrupts us
Where are you now?
Track Name: Sustainer
The dead are buried. The pale man is alone. The father finds his daughter and goes back home.

These tombstones mock our tomorrow
While mothers weep for their sons
Who the grave has swallowed
This war is not of blood

There’s something more behind this
Than what we can see

You will lie until you get what you want
What you don’t need
What your flesh depends on

If this is your plan then why do I feel so inconsistent?
There’s more to you than myself

This is the last time I’m going to tell you
I was the thief
I was the mockery
I was the one that let you go
I’ve been so afraid that you were leaving
But the dead never linger

Cause everything is tested
And everything dies
Nothing is out of reach
Everything is alive

I was born a crooked man
And it’s the blood of another
that claims me as priest

There’s something more behind this
Than what we can see